We enable card issuers and merchants to approve more purchases, leading to higher customer satisfaction and greater revenue.

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Make purchasing happen.

In today’s e-commerce world, tremendous amounts are being invested in conversion.


However, many purchases fail after a consumer clicks ‘submit’ on the payment page when their credit card is rejected. Why leave such a crucial part of the funnel up to chance?

Consumers expect their credit card to be approved when they’re making an online purchase. If it isn’t, everyone loses out – consumer, card issuer, and merchant.

Today, approximately 17% of eCommerce transactions are declined.

It’s time to rethink the payment model


Kenbi offers a new approach to the traditional world of payment approvals.

With our advanced technology solution, we directly connect card issuers and merchants all over the world for increased transaction approvals.

Our unique model changes the economics of payments, enabling card issuers to approve more transactions and generate increased value for themselves and their customers.

Merchants benefit from increased approvals and avoid losing customers at the last step of the customer journey.

We create value for everyone

Paying at the Store



Redrawing today's payment solutions

Kenbi provides added value to today’s payment solutions. We’re not a gateway, payment provider or acquirer – we simply use advanced technology to optimize the existing payment flow.

For card issuers

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Increase transaction approvals without taking on more risk - all while strengthening customer satisfaction and reducing operational costs.

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For merchants

Increase approved transactions with no integration or changes in the payment flow - all while maintaining customer lifetime value and increasing revenue.

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Our technology

Kenbi’s innovative technology is designed to meet the needs of card issuers and merchants.

Our advanced AI platform enables real-time, cross-country matches between card issuers and merchants, so they can determine whether to approve transactions that would otherwise be declined in traditional models.

Kenbi’s solution sits on top of the current payment flow, so the same transaction and settlement flow are used, with just an additional optimized layer to increase the number of approvals.

With Kenbi, no transaction is left behind

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We are fintech professionals. Founded by finance and technology sector veterans, we build technology that optimizes the payment process for acquirers, card issuers, gateways, and merchants.


After decades in the industry, we’re using our expertise to rethink the traditional payment model for increased approvals, revenue, and customer satisfaction – on all sides.

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Join us as we improve the payment world for issuers and merchants around the globe.

Authorize more and take control of approvals